Here is a photo of a Pelican taken with my Optio W20. Look closely, it’s right in the middle of the frame…


…and here’s the same pelican taken with a 170-500mm Sigma telephoto on my Pentax K10D.

(I realise this is a bit juvenile, but it’s my first dSLR, and my first seriously long lens, so you’ll forgive me for showing off a bit)


Immature Pied Butcherbird


I didn’t have to leave my yard to get this shot.

It’s a hand-held shot taken using a Raynox teleconverter. You gotta love image-stabalisation.

When this bird grows up, the brown will turn into a deep black. The distinguishing feature of this species is that the entire head and kneck are dark.

Coming soon…


…my new Photography blog.

I plan for this to be a bit more fun than my last blog.

Apart from being a place to showcase my favourite photos, I’ll be discussing some of my gear and software.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of a Rednecked Wallaby taken in Bunya Mountains National Park, Queensland, Australia.

See it on my map.