Portrait of a Roo

http://www.flickr.com/photos/cascadehush/495965527/It was an overcast day in Fernvale, but it refused to rain. Good for me, bad for the drought.

Probably due to the milder weather, the wild kangaroos in the boardering bushland around Logans Inlet were rather active.

Shooting in the K10Ds exclusive TAv mode, I gave the camera full reign on the ISO. Did I mention it was overcast? Almost all the photos were taken at the maximum 1600 ISO.

Here’s the pick of the bunch. Proof that it’s practical, with practice, to shoot with a 750mm equivalent focal length handheld with image stabalisation on and a shutter speed of 1/750. The image is sharp, even though the noise relegates this image to snapshot status.

The other lesson from the day is to check exposure on the LCD. I’ve been trying to get away from the style of photography where one is forever looking back at photos in playback mode. But this day I went too far the other way, not checking things at all and as a result the images were slightly underexposed. The noise in this image would have been less bothersome if the exposure had been better.

Ultimatly it was simply not an ideal day for photography. Now I know the roos are there, I can try again another day.


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