Dual-Exposure Sunset

http://www.flickr.com/photos/cascadehush/476964667/ I was struggling to figure out how to select the AE point, and constantly reviewing my bracketed exposures, when my camera decided that it would flag a memory card error. I rushed to put another card in, and missed the crucial point where the sun was siting on the horizon. Such is life. I had been waiting over an hour in cold conditions with no warm clothes, to capture that moment.

Well, this is the moment I got. This is a somewhat quick-and-dirty dual exposure in Photoshop Elements 3. The give-away is the tops of the trees, which as silhouetted above the horizon, but not below. I don’t mind the effect though, it is, perhaps, a little more honest than some kind of tricked-out HDR.

There was about 4 stops between the sky and the ground in the original shots.