Three’s Company

I wasn’t sure if the overcast conditions would work in my favour or not.

It was mid afternoon and I was due to go and photograph a constructions site, but the appointment was cancelled. So I headed to a local reservoir on the off-chance, not sure if it would rain or if the light would be unusable.

With the sun behind these three, contre-jour as they say, the partially overcast sky allowed me to properly expose the shadow side facing the camera.

The almost square crop was forced on me by some other detail which needed to be eliminated from the shot. I think it works well though.

I took about a dozen shots of these 3 pelicans, this was the first of the lot and clearly the best.


Mother and Child
There is something emotive about this I can’t really explain. It doesn’t really obey any normal rules of composition, but I find the expressions on their faces makes me feel contemplative and restful.

Notice how the joey’s fur is wet. Kangaroos don’t sweat, so they lick their fur like a cat to cool themselves down. Even though this shot was taken at 9am, it was quite warm and the Kangaroos were already resting; they are mostly active at dawn and dusk.

Click through to view the larger image size on Flickr. If you find the bottom of the frame a bit dark you may need to up the brightness a bit on your monitor.