I went to Caloundra and all I got was this lousy sunset…


Actually what I got was an education. I’ve only had the K10D for a couple of days, and I decided this time I’d just go out with the Sigma 18-200mm and a Hoya Polarizer.

I took a lot of pictures of seagulls, and some snaps of the local area. None of them turned out to be anything special. But it’s all good practice.

Lightroom does an excellent job of removing and CA that the Sigma produces, not that the CA is that bad. I’m really liking Lightroom. For a version 1.0 product it’s got most of the basis covered. What it desparately needs is applescript support and an iPhoto importer.

I took this shot walking back to the car. With the right clouds it could probably be a special shot. As it stands it’s really rather ordinary.

I didn’t enjoy the trip up there at all, fighting through Brisbane traffic to get to the Bruce Highway, which itself is a boring stretch of almost perfectly straight road through pine plantations.

So on the way back I cut accross to Kilcoy on the D’Aguila and took the back-road through to Fernvale, then Pine Mountain Rd back to the Warrigo… a much better trip. Maybe takes an hour longer, but I’ll take sweeping back-roads at 110 over traffic filled suburban nightmare any day.


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